Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From Pinterest to Reality {Teacher's Gift}

On a morning quite like this a year ago, we all drove crying to our first day of daycare--OK I was doing the crying. I knew I couldn't hack the stay at home mom thing and stay sane and I really like my job as a middle school teacher and yet I couldn't quite get comfortable with the idea of leaving my baby with someone else. But truthfully, I haven't looked back since that first morning and that is because of Miss Jen. Elle's teacher loves her and cares for her all day long, and Elle loves her back. She has been part of our family and helped us with eating struggles, napping struggles, and now the great sippy cup stalemate. She was even the one who pointed out the ear infection signs I was missing. So I knew I had to honor her somehow. And I have many things pinned to get me started. I kept coming back to these crayon letters.

From Pinterest:

testosteronetimesthree via Pinterest

To Reality:

This craft is actually quite easy to make. And truthfully I made it months ago when crayons were on sale for back to school. I bought a wooden letter and got out my glue gun and exacto knife and went to work. It is a little messy while making it--as you will have crayon shavings everywhere. And I couldn't quite get my finished letter to lay flat in my shadow box--an open frame might work better but I wanted stability. Since I had a black background, I jist wrote on a wooden tag and pinned that in there as well.

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