Friday, August 5, 2011

Fit Friday!

Via Pinterest

It has been a hard week, my vacation eating was not good and the stress of being on vacation(and having a baby who decided that vacation means not sleeping) led me to more bad eating and no gym time to deal with the stress led me into a downward spiral. And the bad part is that I knew it was coming and I knew what was happening and I was well aware of my choices and made them anyway. I think that is the hard part of weight loss/maintaining for me. My head. But I am back and actually gained only just over 3 pounds(which I was shocked to see this morning). So back on plan--eating my points and working out. It is my last week to try to hit the gym 2 times a day or at least hit classes when I can. So I am in. I am hoping just to lose what I gained back and then work from there. I am beginning to think my body hit a set point at 170--I just seem to jump around it but not really get below it. And I am not sure I am willing to make drastic diet choices and spend my downtime in the gym instead of with my family for those last 5 pounds. I am having a body fat test done Monday and plan on talking to my doctor about it.

But I think I am happy there. Some friends of mine started a blog called Cut The Crap, they post about their honest and realistic weight loss journeys. It is really inspiring--I remember being there and all their struggles strike a chord with me. But my friend Amanda's post yesterday made me think: she writes "I will be a stronger version of her, one who appreciates what she has when she has it. I can be skinny and fit into that dress, but I will do it with much more self-confidence than she ever did." And I so agree, I look at older and sometimes skinnier pictures of myself and think, "Why didn't I love myself more?" I am loving what my body has accomplished, I have had a beautiful baby and now have lived up to my commitment of 6 months of weight lifting class. And have self confidence that I never had when I was younger--I just need to remember that!