Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Reads

Amy's sept-10 book montage

One Day


The Icing on the Cupcake

The Blue Bistro

Family Ties

The Postmistress

Thin, Rich, Pretty

Beachcombers: A Novel

The Thousand

The Secret Life Of CeeCee Wilkes



Shoe Addicts Anonymous


The Search

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This month's faves: Mockingjay, Graceling, and The Postmistress

Monday, September 27, 2010

Week in Pictures

During Elle's morning nap--or at least her quiet time kicking in her crib, I did this 15 minute digital scrapbooking class and made this...I think I am hooked

Thanks to inspiration from The Dating Divasabout dating your husband(if you haven't checked their site out--do it has tons of great ideas!), I planned this family picnic date complete with invite.

and some picnic pics...

It is my amazing sister's birthday--so Elle willingly posed for some pictures!

Elle and I made blueberry muffins to surprise Kevin the next morning--put this cute tag on the box, thanks to Dating Divas!

For dinner--slow cooker tamale pie courtesy of Taste of Home Magazine--only about 8 points per serving and very filling!

I made some shadowboxes of some of Elle's stuff I wanted to keep and display somehow. Thanks to Michael's sales this project was less than 20 bucks for both. I bought some foam I can return as I didn't use it--or I'll keep it for something else.

And for dinner--Maple Glazed Salmon from Cooking Light

And some Monday Night Football with Elle cheering on the Pack--and another win in my fantasy league

I made these Cheesesteak Kabobs from Rachael Ray's Magazine--one of my husband's favorite things is Cheesesteak--surprisingly this version is only 9 points--I doubled the veggies on mine.

I made this countdown to Halloween--Thanks to a kit from How Does She

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fantasy Week: Shopping for Elle

Now I will be the first to admit (but don't tell my husband) that Elle really doesn't need anymore clothes at this point but where is the fun in that...
This dress from Janie and Jack for my brother's wedding this summer

Baby Sweet Pea costume from Pottery Barn Kids

This cute shirt from Gymboree--at only 10 bucks might have to buy it and I have a coupon laying around somewhere

This print from etsy

These cute baby booties also from etsy

This whole look again from etsy!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fantasy Week: Shopping for me: Gadgets

My fantasy life continues...
A flat screen TV--mostly to clear up space in our new apartment--our living area is long and skinny and we don't have a ton of space between our TV and couch...

The iPhone 4 (or even a 3Gs) we have my parents first generation phones and love them, but no matter how many times I upgrade our software I can't send picture text messages. So for that reason only, a new phone...

The Silhouette Digital Craft cutter and a lifetime supply of paper and vinyl to go with it--I found such cute project ideas, why I like this one--you hook it up to your computer and can use any font or thing you have NO CARTRIDGES--downside is it isn't MAC compatible so I would have to get a PC too.

Photoshop Elements--I really want to get into digital scrapbooking and have found so many templates and things but I would need this program to try it out--not sure if I am ready to bite the bullet, I might try the 30 day download and a free class I found online to see if I like it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fantasy Week: Shopping for me

So this stay at home mom thing has left me time to watch TV and search the internet--yeah right--but during naptime or early in the morning what else is a girl to do?--but no money to shop with. So this is my fantasy week--what I would buy if suddenly I become independently wealthy. Today's installment clothes for me.

Boots from Lands End

A collection of stuff from Ann Taylor Loft, of course

This outfit from JCrew--would go great with the boots don't ya think?

This shirt I could actually afford from the Gap--maybe several colors?