Monday, September 27, 2010

Week in Pictures

During Elle's morning nap--or at least her quiet time kicking in her crib, I did this 15 minute digital scrapbooking class and made this...I think I am hooked

Thanks to inspiration from The Dating Divasabout dating your husband(if you haven't checked their site out--do it has tons of great ideas!), I planned this family picnic date complete with invite.

and some picnic pics...

It is my amazing sister's birthday--so Elle willingly posed for some pictures!

Elle and I made blueberry muffins to surprise Kevin the next morning--put this cute tag on the box, thanks to Dating Divas!

For dinner--slow cooker tamale pie courtesy of Taste of Home Magazine--only about 8 points per serving and very filling!

I made some shadowboxes of some of Elle's stuff I wanted to keep and display somehow. Thanks to Michael's sales this project was less than 20 bucks for both. I bought some foam I can return as I didn't use it--or I'll keep it for something else.

And for dinner--Maple Glazed Salmon from Cooking Light

And some Monday Night Football with Elle cheering on the Pack--and another win in my fantasy league

I made these Cheesesteak Kabobs from Rachael Ray's Magazine--one of my husband's favorite things is Cheesesteak--surprisingly this version is only 9 points--I doubled the veggies on mine.

I made this countdown to Halloween--Thanks to a kit from How Does She

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