Friday, July 15, 2011

Fit Friday!

In the craze of post birthday party/company visiting and prepping for our now postponed CA trip, I managed to get to the gym 3 days this week. Monday I went to a killer kickboxing class and then later for a weights class, Tuesday I went to Spin, and Wednesday I went to Body Pump(I slept through my alarm for early kickboxing though). According to my heart monitor I burned over 1800 calories. And according to my scale I am down 2 pounds. I am still 6 pounds from my "goal weight". But I am lower than my pre-pregnancy weight and have stayed below that since March. But these last 10 to my goal have been killer. Any advice?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scrapping Elle's Birthday

I clipped images of people's birthday wishes from my facebook page and then used a picture of her as a background.
The second one is using SimplyTiffany's 52 Templates 19 and Meredith Cardall's What a Hoot Kit. I really like how much space I had to journal and use 6 pictures from the day--I think it really tells the story of her party!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Scrapping 12 Months!!

Thanks to the free kit on Design House Digital Today--Kate Teague's Just Circles. I could make this page in about 30 minutes. The papers and elements are from Meredith Cardall's What a Hoot!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

To my beautiful daughter Elle,
A year ago I couldn't wait to hear your cry(it made me cry tears of joy), now I can't wait for your laughter(it makes me smile).
A year ago I couldn't wait to see your face, now I still can't wait to see your face!
A year ago I couldn't wait to cuddle you, now I can't wait for you to settle down to cuddle again!

In the past year, I wondered if I would ever get a full nights sleep again, now I love waking up(in the morning after several hours of sleep) to see what today will bring for us.
In the past year, I wondered if I could be a good mommy, now I try to accept the doubt and make our own way with everything.
In the past year, I have wondered and worried about every milestone, now I try to remember that you are your own person and are doing it your way.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom, I never knew it would be so amazing.
I always knew I wanted a family, I never knew it would be so full of love.
I always knew it would be hard, I never knew how hard.(BUT SO WORTH IT!!)

I love you with all my heart and beyond, Elle Belle!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A video recap of year 1

A more reflective post to come later...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

look what I made

Using this tutorial, I tried my hand at some subway art for Elle's party this weekend. I matched the colors to her invite and the fonts are Hoswer, Crazy Milktop Girl, and Chewy Stewie!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Favorite Baby Gear

Another birthday week post! Since I know several people who will be having babies soon and might need some recommendations on what pieces of baby gear we used.

We love our Chicco Key Fit Travel System--I know a lot of people are down on travel systems but I think it is the way to go. The stroller is the highest handles we found so we aren't stooping over to walk with the stroller. It is easy to open one handed and although it takes up room in our Prius, we have plenty of space for suitcases, groceries, etc. And Elle still fits in the infant seat! We also bought a jogger from a friend, which we use for 5Ks and hikes and stuff but it is not as good as the Chicco in my opinion.

The Bumbo chair was one of the best things we bought. I even bought it at a second hand store so we saved some. Elle wanted to sit up but needed support so this worked well. We could put her on the table while we ate and she could see everyone and she could sit up and play.Bumbo Baby Sitter - Lilac - Bumbo  - Babies"R"Us
We were really lucky that Elle loved the swing. She spent many hours in it and even napped in it at the beginning. The reason we chose this one is because it plugged in, so we could leave it on for hours! Fisher Price iGlide--it even has 2 modes--swinging and gliding.

Fisher Price i-Glide Cradle 'n' Swing

This high chair, the Fisher Price Space Saver. We have a pub style table and there aren't high chairs that tall. Plus this is easy to clean and put away if we need to. It is comfortable for Elle.
Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair - Tan Swirl - Fisher-Price  - Babies"R"Us
We did have a bouncer seat for her when she was little, I used it mostly when I was in the shower but Elle didn't care for it much.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I have learned about being a mom

It is Elle's Birthday week so I have a lot of fun and sentimental posts planned.

One year ago today I was trying to rest and relax in preparation for Elle to arrive but we moved into a new apartment the week before so there was so much to do.

Which is the first thing I learned--moving the weeks before your baby arrives is not ideal but I am glad we didn't wait because I imagine moving with a newborn would be worse.

2. I was not able to really decorate the nursery of my dreams(and in fact most of the crafts and decorations I made are still not hung) but the reality is we don't spend much time in her room at all. She sleeps in there and we change her and get her dressed. It isn't big enough to have a rocker in there so I am glad we didn't really spend a lot of money or time in that room. As she gets older, I think she will appreciate a decorated room a lot more.

3. I am a working, formula feeding, disposable diaper using mom. And proud of my choices because they are right for my family. But as a mom it seems every choice you make opens you up to a lot of criticism and side looks when other moms don't agree. You will answer a million questions about your baby and what they are doing and not doing and how much they weigh. And if you are a mom, you know what I mean and will get a chuckle out of this video...

4. Baby advice books are 100% right and 100% wrong depending on your kiddo and you and your family. The only 1 I used was The Happiest Baby on the Block. In the end, you decide what works for you and what doesn't. So look at a bunch but don't feel bad if it doesn't work or don't agree.

5. Your life will change but it is a good change. We do a lot of the same things we used to do prebaby we just do them with Elle and with a lot more equipment. I think our ability to eat out in restaurants may be ending as she is now mobile and not a fan of staying in the high chair. We have traveled in the car and flown several times. We have hiked. That being said I do miss being able to read on the plane or airport and going to the movies.

6. Your marriage/relationship will change. In good ways, but it is an adjustment and you have to make your marriage a priority too. It is easy to get lost when you are so focused on taking care of a baby and suffering from lack of sleep. Days when you just hope for a shower mean romance is on the back burner, but you have to be there as a spouse not just a parent.

7. Having a baby can be isolating. I spend a lot of time in my apartment with her, especially in the beginning but even now when it is 100 degrees and a park play date is just not going to happen. You have to ask for help; you will be amazed at what people will do for you--cook, clean, hold the baby so you can shower or sleep, babysit so you can get a pedicure, let you cry and tell you it will be alright.

8. Baby stuff takes over your house. Elle doesn't even have that many toys but our apartment looks like 1 big toystore/playground. And some days the most interesting toys are tags and empty boxes.

9. You will get excited and cheer some pretty unusual things; swallowing food, poopy diapers, sitting up, "words" they say, taking a nap.

10. You can't imagine how much you will love being a mom.