Monday, November 21, 2011

From Pinterest to Reality {Coral and Turquoise}

Outfits on pinterest are deadly--inevitably I fall in love with an expensive piece of the outfit, but I am starting to learn to use them as inspiration for stuff I have or too find things that have the same color or feel...

Reality: I am in love with this lightweight flyaway sweater. I plan on wearing it again in the spring with a tank and jean shorts. This necklace is one of my faves--I bought it a few years ago from Stella and Dot. And I want to be brave enough to use this color combo in my house!
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scrapping our Fall Adventures

Simply Tiffany 52 Templates Template 15 and Meredith Cardall's Farewell to Summer Kit

Simply Tiffany 52 Templates Template 17 and Wicked Alpha from Monster Mash Blog Hop

Simply Tiffany Templates Template 31 and Meredith Cardall Falling Into You Kit

From Pinterest to Reality {Autumn Chopped Salad}

Who doesn't love a good salad? I mean the kind you order in a restaurant because everything is chopped so nicely and there is a plethora of veggies(where as at home I usually stop after one because I am tired). When I saw this salad on Pinterest I knew I had to try it.

Pinned Image
espresso and cream via pinterest

Reality: very tasty and not too hard to put together. I added some chicken to mine for protein and also cut up a granny smith apple in with the pears. Very filling for lunch--and I ate it for a week. I loved the dressing and the tartness of the cheese with the cranberries. And still those dang pecans are expensive but I am hoping better for you than croutons! I never did get a picture of my own salad, so you will just have to take my word on it!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

from Pinterest to Reality {wearing a scarf}

So I have been slacking on my posts or forgetting to take pictures of what I have done, and I realized the point was just to try the things that I like, so here is today's--a scarf upgrade!

basicravings via pinterest

Reality: again I have proved that bathroom lighting is not all that great. I didn't feel any different, but just wanted to try wearing the scarf this way. Perhaps it would have been better if I had a nice sparkly pin or something to add!
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From Pinterest to Reality {A book Based Baby Shower}

What is better than a baby shower? 8 people at my school right now are expecting, I am staying away from the water. A colleague and mine threw a joint shower for 2 of the mamas this week.
From Pinterest:

Sources: decor, invites, cake



I can't take all the credit on this! For the invite, I took a jpg of a library card and put it through photoshop to write on it. For the decor, I raided the home depot for paint chips, traced a sippy cup lid ad cut out circles and glued them on a piece of silver ribbon. I bought a 2" punch but it was defective and didn't work so I improvised. I ordered some monogrammed cookies from a local bakery for each of the mommas. And a dear and talented friend made the cake just looking at the picture I sent her!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

from pinterest to reality {lasagna soup}

Ahh soup...
From Pinterest:

deen brothers via pinterest

Reality: Very tasty for a soup--does not really have the comfort food level of lasagna but this is probably better for you. Even elle liked slurping up the tomatoes, broth, and cheese--sausage and peppers not so much! And there is no way they only used 1/2 cup of cheese for the batch in their picture--I used over a cup and it still wasn't cheesy.
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Monday, November 7, 2011

from pinterest to reality {roasted potatoes, peppers, and sausage dinner}

Ah daylight savings time and a cold rainy weekend conspired to keep us mostly homebound and looking for some comfort food. So I dug out this recipe...
From Pinterest:

skinnytaste via pinterest

Reality: perfect cold weather dinner, easy to make, tasty, and fairly light--8 points for a dinner is pretty good in my book. And while my hubby turned his nose up orginally at chicken sausage--I don't think he noticed in the finished product!
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

from pinterest to reality {southwestern egg rolls}

You know how sometimes appetizers just make better dinners...I have had these on my mind for awhile and so glad we tried it
From Pinterest:

tatertotsandjello via pinterest

To reality: very tasty. I ran out of cheese so used some queso dip we had--actually made it a little easier since then everything kind of stuck together in the wrapper. They were very filling and a fun way to get in some veggies(I will keep this in mind when Elle is older, she just picked things out and ate individual corn kernels). I also skipped making the dressing--a toddler climbing on you while you try to cook means meals need to be quick and easy to put together. Hill Valley makes a great spicy ranch that went with these beautifully!
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From Pinterest to Reality {Baby Shower}

I am going to be an auntie again!! My sister who has been trying so hard for a baby and had an awful beginning to her pregnancy is finally almost enjoying being pregnant. Elle and I flew together out to CA to throw my sister a shower. Of course her baby has been uncooperative and her ultrasounds have been rescheduled(hopefully today we will find out if Baby Lopez is a boy or a girl). So we decided on a neutral jungle theme to match her nursery plans. My sister is not one for shower games or a big fuss so my co-host and I decided on...
From Pinterest

To Reality:

After searching etsy for cute designs that would fit our neutral jungle theme, I figured I could digi-scrap everything to coordinate much better. I bought this baby zoo kit from craft-tastrophic and had most things printed through Persnickety Prints(who I love!!). Plus I am thinking when my sister's baby finally makes an appearance I can use the kit to make a birthdate poster that can coordinate!

of course elle wore a theme dress!
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