Sunday, November 20, 2011

From Pinterest to Reality {Autumn Chopped Salad}

Who doesn't love a good salad? I mean the kind you order in a restaurant because everything is chopped so nicely and there is a plethora of veggies(where as at home I usually stop after one because I am tired). When I saw this salad on Pinterest I knew I had to try it.

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espresso and cream via pinterest

Reality: very tasty and not too hard to put together. I added some chicken to mine for protein and also cut up a granny smith apple in with the pears. Very filling for lunch--and I ate it for a week. I loved the dressing and the tartness of the cheese with the cranberries. And still those dang pecans are expensive but I am hoping better for you than croutons! I never did get a picture of my own salad, so you will just have to take my word on it!

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