Monday, October 17, 2011

From Pinterest to Reality {Pumpkin Pie Smoothie}

It was a rough weekend around our house. We decided that our 15 month old is too old for the bottle and tried to wean her cold turkety, well she showed us. She is currently on strike and won't touch a drop of milk, which she loves, from a sippy cup. It is a stalemate similar to the Cuban Missle Crisis--so far neither side has given in, but it is safe to say we are all miserable. So in an effort to please somebody, I tried these pumpkin pie smoothies for my hubby.

From Pinterest: via Kara O'Bryan via Pinterest

To Reality:

Umm, I probably wouldn't make it again. It had a too sweet fruity aftertaste--from what I don't know. It didn't really taste like pumpkin pie to me or to my hubby. Neither of us finished it. But we tried. I think I will stick to some other pumpkin recipes to help me live in the "fall" moment.


Megan said...

Maybe E would like this in her sippy cup?! :)

amybyrd said...

Ha ha Megan--she did take a few sips but only from my glass!

Kevin said...

I finished my smoothie.