Friday, October 21, 2011

From Pinterest to Reality {Italian Style Apps}

Today another recipe sharing day, thuthfully I made these a couple weeks ago, but hadn't shared them yet so here we go!
From Pinterest:

Lick the Bowl good via Pinterest

Recipe Diaries(link is not longer there) via Jill Tekin via Pinterest

To Reality:

Both very tasty and easy to make, perfect for Sundays sitting around watching football! My cheese sticks didn't turn out as crispy looking as the ones on Pinterest and they tasted OK--sometimes nothing replaces that fried fat taste! The Pepperoni Puffs are awesome, they didn't reheat well so we will only make them when we can eat all of them And I used my regular muffin tin since that is all I had, and the recipe made 12 with some batter left over.

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1 comment:

DerMom said...

Looks good. My cheese stick attempt melted all over the pan, so you're up on me :) Those muffin things look fantastic though.