Monday, October 24, 2011

From Pinterest to Reality {A dress}

There are many reasons why I am not a math teacher but measuring just might be one fo them. I was so excited to drag out my sewing machine from its long hiatus in the hall closet and work on a project for Elle. Plus the pospect of some baby free time thanks to my inlaws I knew I could whip out a couple dresses. My 15 month old is just now fitting into 12 month clothing so I followed the 12 month guide on my pattern cutting a fabric length of 19 inches knowing I would hem an inch off the bottom and an inch of the top for the ties. That makes 17 inches give or take and my baby is 29 inches tall so her dress should be knee length right...
From Pinterest:

ShwinandShwin Blog via Pinterest

To Reality:

Her picture is a dress from the Gap and then a link to a tutorial for a dress, I knew I couldn't tackle sleeves so I decided just to add tulle to the bottom of my pillowcase dress which I can do with my eyes closed. I just tacked pleats on and decided another row was needed for fullness. They came out so cute--even if they are evening gown length!

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Megan said...

Cute! She'll be able to wear it as she grows. It'll just go from a dress to a tunic w/ leggings :)

amybyrd said...

That was my hope Megan--I laid out baby legs for her and everything this am, since DH gets her dressed then she ame toddling into my room and I thought man that was longer than I thought!