Friday, February 27, 2009

Who wants to be a millionaire?

So the hubby and I just got back from seeing Slumdog Millionaire, I know we are probably the last people to see it, but oh well. It just got me thinking about how much random information people know just based on their life experience. So I want to know what random question would you be able to answer that most people really wouldn't know? I wish I could give away a million dollars but I will try to do something fun with the responses.
I think mine would be something random that I read in a book somewhere once. Like who was the inventor of wiper blades(I am reading Flash Of Genius now.


Karen said...

We still have not seen the movie either! I have it on my Netflix though! Justin won't go see it because he is protesting from the cruise! My question would be What was Charlie Brown's father's occupation?

D said...

Who invented Electronic Intermittent Windshield Wiper Systems? ----- My Dad, Bob Kearns.
As for being a millionaire that wasn't what it was all about. In the movie Flash of Genius, he's shown turning down 30 million. In reality we turned down $200,000,000?
His desire was to make them, grow a company and provide jobs for thousands.

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amybyrd said...

D--how cool
I am reading the book right now--it has various stories of invention. It is so fascintating to me how some people can just think of something like that. And in most of the stories its not about money!

simply allie said...

Who invented the steam engine? Robert Fulton. I missed that question on a 7th grade Social Studies test and have known it ever since. A few weeks ago my husband and I were watching Cash Cab while we were on the ellipticals at the gym, and they asked that question. I turned to him and said the answer and he was amazed.