Monday, February 2, 2009

A little bit crafty!

I made this collage on Shutterfly of my brother's wedding and our adventure in Vegas. They are on sale for only 5 bucks for an 11 by 14!


Once A Bride said...

$5--that's cheap! I'll be heading to shutterfly later today, for sure.

amybyrd said...

I love shutterfly--our family has set up 3 different share sites--one for my wedding, one for our alaskan cruise, and one for my brothers wedding--everyone can put their pictures on and you can make stuff using everyones pictures. We all made 8*8 books of our cruise--free with a coupon, and we all got collages free when you start an account--and who doesn't have more than 1 email?!

Karen said...

This is so cute! Mom showed me this yesterday.