Saturday, February 7, 2009

Comfort Food Day

This morning I watched Tyler's Ultimate on Food Network, today's episode: Ultimate Rainy Day. The link goes to the recipes for the Mozarella grilled cheese, Chicken Noodle Soup, and Amaretto Brownies.

I used store made pesto sauce and I did not put tomatoes on the sandwiches because my husband swears he will die if tomatoes touch his food--other than salsa and ketchup. These were so good. I also only spread pesto on one side of the bread(who knew it had so much fat in it, plus it is a strong taste so a little goes a long way). I made them on our George Foreman--almost looks like I used a panini press huh?

The soup was very tasty. I had a lot of trouble with the meatballs. First being a fairly small town, I couldn't find chicken apple sausage. I did find some chicken sausage and just threw in a diced apple to the processor. I also added 1/4 cup of breadcrumbs to help the meatballs bind. They really didn't bind so I just browned it all up and dumped it in the soup. I also used refrigerated tortellini(Butoni which was in our deli section) so it didn't need to cook as long as frozen tortellini. I also only used 10 cups of chicken broth and just 1 package of pasta--we still have a huge pot full.

My dad just called a little while ago to tell me this was his menu for the regular family Sunday night dinners(they all live in CA so I miss this tradition). I didn't make the brownies, so I told him to let me know how they go!

I didn't even want to calculate the points on this(I didn't skimp on any ingredients and I used the full fat versions of everything)


kevin said...

This is an excellent dish.

Katie said...

I love using my George Foreman as a panini press. It works great!

When a Picture Just Isn't Enough said...

1. I am excited to try these sandwiches.

2. LOL about Kevin and tomatoes - Jeremy also has a dire fear of tomatoes, but will happily eat salsa, ketchup, or tomato sauce - as long as the tomatoes are well-pureed, because chunky=tomatoes=disgust. But I'm okay with it because it means that I get his tomatoes if a restaurant messes up.