Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I learned from Swim Lessons

1. The indoor pool in Fruita rocks: no sun, warm water, and big enough for a lot to be going on and we still had our own area for the babies.

2. It is important to have many cute bathing suits when you have 8 classes in a row!

3. There is an apparent mommy dress code that does not include bikinis--every other mom was wearing a tankini or long sports bras and jogging shorts. I didn't get the memo, and rocked my bikini. In no way do I have a great bikini body but it took me 30 years to gain the confidence to wear one so I do. And felt great, until the teenage older sisters started joining our class...looks like I need a little more time in the gym.

4. My irregularly napping baby did not like class scheduled during her "nap" time. Of course every other day she would fight sleep.

5. My girl is a social animal, she much preferred looking at other babies,getting the lifeguards to hold her, and smiling at everyone than working on her kicks and floats.

6. She is definitely her father's daughter, she is fascinated by how everything works--the rope with floats, the splash pad, the sprinklers, the lights--again way more interesting than learning to blow bubbles.

I wish I had more pictures, but I was by myself so just imagine...

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