Thursday, June 9, 2011

11 Months Old

Another early morning Elle Belle--you don't seem to understand that summer vacation means you can sleep in. Of course you were able to go back to sleep while Mommy wasn't.

You are now almost 18 pounds(according the scale at the doctor's after our ER visits). This month saw you really getting a hang of the crawling thing, you come home from daycare with dirty feet and red knees from your explorations.

You also pull yourself up on almost anything, in fact I caught you climbing on your play kitchen the other day. One foot on the stove, one on the trashcan, climbing to the TV. Just today, I watched you hang onto your play table, the TV stand, and the ottoman to "walk" 5 feet over and over again.

As you can tell, you won't sit still for my monthly pictures anymore, and you could care less about my blocks. You have grown so fast, in fact this is the last one, because next month you will be a year old! AHHHH!!

You also talk all the time, you have quite the stories and so many expressions. You "yell" to emphasize things and clap and wave your hands when you want attention.

But I think the best of all is that when one of us comes into the room, you reach up with your arms to us. I love being your mommy!
Off to scrap this!!

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