Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If I could choose again...

...I would still choose you!

Happy Anniversary Kevin!

I created this cool Google search story for our anniversary, but they only give you 7 searches and our 3 years encompassed way more than those. And since my husband is kind of shy--I will share what I think his search terms were.
He searched: finding rational women in Denver, CO
He searched: OK so she is a little emotional, now what

I searched: dating an engineer
I searched: what is Formula 1
He searched: first Valentine's Day Gifts
I searched:airfares to California
He searched: installing and finishing drywall
I searched:paint colors
He searched: engagement rings
He searched: Custer, South Dakota

I searched: surviving the end of the school year
I searched: wedding venues, photographers, DJs, dresses, bridesmaid dresses,flowers, dresses, first dance songs, dresses
He searched: Catholic wedding requirements
He searched: job openings in CDOT
He searched: cheap apartments in Grand Junction

I searched: long distance relationships
He searched: rental cars(almost every weekend)
I searched: apartments in Grand Junction
I searched: any job in Grand Junction
He searched: honeymoons
He searched: shady beaches

I searched: packing for mystery honeymoon
He searched: surprising your wife with honeymoon
I searched: pregnancy symptoms
He searched: hybrid cars
I searched: nursery ideas for apartments
He searched: nicer apartments in Grand Junction
I searched:recovering from a c-section
He searched: panic attacks
I searched: weaning your baby
He searched: getting your baby to sleep
I searched: daycares
He searched: daycares
I searched: workout plans for getting your prebaby body back
He searched: workout wear to reward wife
Together we are searching: new homes!
You can make your own Google search story here!