Tuesday, June 28, 2011

House Hunting Disapointment

So I blogged about the beginning of our house hunting adventure here. Well we found a house, exactly what we wanted and for a great price. It seemed too good to be true. We knew there were multiple offers but we still thought ours would win.(You should know I get emotionally invested easily). Well it didn't. There was an all cash offer, which we can't compete with. After our realtor called and told me and then said I know there is a better one out there for you, I still cried. And cried. And was bummed the whole evening(and truthfully still bummed). It may have been compounded by Grandmaster Bass neighbors blasting their music which meant Elle did not get a good nap and neither did mommy. (I am scared of them now so I didn't go down and ask them to turn it down--apartment life is getting old).

I know that things don't work out the first time and I know there may be a better house out there. But it is kind of like when I was waiting for Kevin to propose. I "knew" it was going to happen, but every birthday or holiday or anniversary that went by with no ring was hard. It is kind of like when we were trying to have Elle and seeing the negative tests, we knew it would happen eventually but it is still disappointing each time you see no. And of course in both these cases, things worked out. I wish I could be as confident as our realtor and friends, who say your house is still out there; but I am not there yet. I need a little more time to mope. On the plus side, I didn't turn to ice cream or chocolate to mope!

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