Sunday, June 12, 2011

ambitious results

Last weekend I posted my proposed workout schedule for the week:

with a few changes, like Wednesday's early am kickboxing didn't happen so I swapped in a spin class and Thursday morning's early spin class didn't happen and I planned on going to a kickboxing class in the afternoon but that didn't happen--due to nap time. And Saturday morning's kickboxing didn't happen due to an asthma attack--but it was a good week. I burned 2245 calories--1 hour and 45 minutes in the moderate heart rate zone(fat burning), 1hour and 18 minutes in the high zone(shooting for more there next week), and a little over an hour in the light zone. I lost 3.2 pounds. Counting points definitely helped.

Here is what I am shooting for this week:
I maybe able to do more on Tuesday and Thursday when Elle goes to daycare, but I need to finish one book and one paper for grad school. I want to get really ahead of the exercise before we leave for a weekend in Denver that I know will be all eating out--and although I am capable of making good choices--3 meals out is never good for the weight loss.

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