Saturday, January 1, 2011


One of my favorite years so far:

JANUARY: A few days before January we announced our big news! I had the blog redesigned and posted about this book--one of my favorites of the year.
FEBRUARY: Made some Valentine's crafts, and hosted a Lost Season premier party! We also found out that Baby Byrd was a girl!
MARCH: Wrote this brain dump about all that was going on with me. And read a lot, took a spring break trip to Vegas at the last minute to visit my sister who was also there, and tried to survive the cold that seemed to stick around forever here in Western CO.
APRIL: Found my inspiration for Elle's nursery and the perfect birth announcement. My mother in law threw me a great baby shower.
MAY: Finished the school year, had another great baby shower thrown by my friends and sister, finished the nursery--of course we then decided to move as well. Had another triage visit, and basically had to take it easy which meant I missed field trips and some fun stuff with my students.
JUNE: Read a lot, went to a great week long class in Denver, crafted my heart out (1, 2,3) and wished my parents a happy 35th Anniversary and celebrated 2 years with my wonderful husband!
JULY: Elle was born! And we survived and thrived during some challenges!
AUGUST: Learned to be a mommy!
SEPTEMBER: Adjusted to maternity leave when all my visitors left and Kevin went back to work. Found a play group and made some new friends, and missed school more than I expected.
OCTOBER: Starting to learn how to digital scrapbook, prepared to go back to work, visited a pumpkin patch and dressed Elle up as a sweet pea
NOVEMBER:Started(but never finished) the 30 Day Blog Challenge and went to Moab, UT for Thanksgiving!
DECEMBER: Elle met Santa Claus, I finished my first quarter back at work, and we went to CA for the break!! Christmas was so much more meaningful with the Elle Belle in our lives!

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