Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun Resolutions!

I of course have some serious resolutions but I am going to focus on my fun ones!
I have a serious addiction to shopping--I love it, the high of finding the perfect outfit that looks amazing, the thrill of the hunt, the fun of a sale--and the result is I have a closet full of amazing clothes. I resolve to wear everything in my closet this year(with the exception of the bridesmaid dress from my sister's wedding). If something doesn't fit or doesn't look great--it is getting donated. And I will try to buy nothing new until I have gone through everything. One exception is pants and jeans--I will have to wear them more than once(especially when our winter highs are in the teens). And I will try to do a monthly recap in a picture montage.
My other fun resolution is to plan a fun date for my husband each month. His Christmas present from me was a Date of the Month club so I can't really back out. But I want to focus on planning and having fun with him. I will make invites and take pictures so I can give him a little album of what fun we had this year!

What are your fun resolutions?

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