Friday, August 7, 2009

ABC's of Summer: O, P, and Q

O is for online classes. I took an online class in adolescent literacy to get my 24th unit past my master’s and a pay raise. It was a hard class for 1 unit but I learned a lot. I was the only non literacy teacher and got into it on our blog about adding time to language arts classes at the expense of social studies and science classes. I got a lot of great ideas and support for my ideas which I will implement this school year. I also took an online class on a very cool portal for teachers and students with millions of resources. I did my plan on an interactive Gettysburg Address which I can’t wait to use in my class. This was an easy 2 units! I also went to 2 different conferences and got 4 more units—I am up to 30, but the next pay raise comes at 36 so I am searching for 6 units as soon as possible.

P is for planning.
Being at conferences and taking online classes had me frantically scribbling in my notebook with ideas for the upcoming school year. Nothing formal yet—it is still summer! But lists of ideas for what I want to do.

Q is for quiet.
I had a lot of quiet time this summer. Perfect for reflection and relaxation!

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Ashley Pizarro said...

Love your ABC's of summer!! Can you believe it...almost back to school?!? We will have to share some ideas!