Thursday, August 6, 2009

ABC's of Summer: L, M, and N

L is for Lady of Leisure. In honor of my sister, who is a true lady of leisure, I have devoted my summer to the pursuit of leisure. Since I don’t have to work during the summer, I am lazy. I get up watch some morning TV, catch up on my Google Reader and Facebook, then go to the gym (usually my only trip outside—see entry for letter N), and then come home and relax on my couch. I watch my soap operas, my food network, talk shows, home decorating shows, and read. Then when my husband comes home I make dinner and then we settle in for some more TV (I got him addicted to The Bachelorette) or some Wii and then go to sleep. After a year of teaching I definitely need this time to recoup and restore my energy—this year especially. I got married, moved to a new town knowing no one, and started a new job (while all positive things they are stressful life events--stress scale here)

M is for makeup free. I can count on both hands the number of times I wore makeup this summer—the most days were for the 2 conferences I attended this summer. Otherwise I put moisturizer on and left it at that, well that and a little sunscreen. But when I did wear makeup, I was wearing my new Bare Minerals set which I love. It is called Sea Yourself. I bought it off of QVC for a steal it was 40 bucks and you got a foundation and a hydrating mineral veil, a blush, 3 eye colors, a lipgloss, a mascara, and 2 brushes. I was a little wary of the pale blue eye color but it is amazing on and the browns paired with it make my eyes pop. And the coral blush is beautiful!! I don’t know if the set is still available but if you are a Bare Minerals girl you might want to get it.

N is for nineties.
So yes we live in the desert. I think every day since we got back from Jamaica has been hot—temperatures in the high nineties or 100. It is hot. Most days after I get back from the gym I don’t leave the house. Our swamp cooler stopped working for a week—and it was painful. Now that it is fixed it has barely been turned off. Heat really affects my life—my asthma flares, I get dehydrated very fast, I sleep a lot. Oh well fall is around the corner, right….

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Kevin said...

N for nude beach?