Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ABC's of Summer: I, J, and K

I is for iPhone. Since my dad got a new one he sent me his old one. And after some frustrating hours trying to set it up, I love it. Luckily Apple has some great technical support, my computer is too old to use my phone with so I had to go to school twice to get it to work. I love finding apps! Although urbanspoon for our little town gives the same 7 results!
It is also for irresponsible (just a little) all last year I worked hard paying off my credit cards and then this summer hit and I spent more than I should have so now its back on the wagon. I just started using to track my spending and budget and hope to get back on track quickly.

J is for Jamaica. In case you are new to my blog, my mystery honeymoon was in Jamaica! It was amazing. I made this interactive Google Map with my pictures! Thanks to the best husband in the world!

View Jamaica--Ya Mon!! in a larger map

K is for Kevin—the best husband in the world!!

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