Sunday, January 11, 2009


So Kevin and I used our Christmas money to buy RockBand 2 for the wii. We searched in vain for months and finally found the bundle at our local Blockbuster when we went into rent a movie. Since the weekend after Christmas we have been trying in vain to find the way to unlock all the songs--and we have finally done it! And now my shins hurt, my hands are still uncurling from the drumsticks, and I feel like everything on TV or on a page should scroll past me with colored notes! Now we are waiting for the online store to open so we can buy some songs we really want to play! And for our Junction friends to head on over to party!!


Karen said...

Justin cheated and looked up the code online to unlock all the songs! I am glad you are having fun but try to beat me at drums aka Sticks Lopez!

Chelsey said...

We totally cheated and unlocked all the songs with a code we found online! There are some great songs on there. Addicted!