Friday, January 2, 2009

Friends and Family!!

My brother Keith got married in Vegas on December 18! After some stress--my family coming from LA almost didn't make it--they spent 29 hours trying to get through closed roads and snow(in Vegas!) in what is normally a 5 hour drive--arriving an hour before the wedding. Luckily Kevin and I made it OK through Utah and were able to spend some time with Keith and Lorena in their massive party suite before the wedding. We also went to Cirque de Soleil sow Ka which was amazing and hung out at the Piano Bar in New York New York before heading to CA to surprise my family for Christmas!

My husband and little brother Opie getting down at the wedding! Here is Kevin and I with Mick and Rachael at the reception.

The "girls" of the Johnston family--me, my new sister in law Lorena,my mom, and my sister Karen.

The wedding in Vegas was a great chance for me to catch up aith my old friend Jeff from high school. He does the hair and makeup for Mama Mia at Mandalay Bay--he prettied up my sister and I for the wedding with great hair and makeup!!

My best friend from college--Tracy--drove up for the wedding--we had a blast--especially the next day when we went to the piano bar and had way too much fun--those pics are to come!!

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Karen said...

Love the pictures and the new background to your blog! It was so nice to see you both for Christmas.. tell Kevin thank you for taking the time off and coming to California!