Sunday, November 2, 2008

life is good

it was a crazy week at school, one of my student's mom's died suddenly and unexpectedly and watching 8th graders struggle with grief, made me thankful for my family and my life. I have been feeling homesick and dealing with the reality of not being home with my family for the first time ever for the holidays--and my amazing husband just keeps taking care of me and telling me how beautiful I am as I stuff my face with the tons of Halloween candy we bought for the trick or treaters who didn't show up. I am so blessed!

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Karen said...

We miss you too! I never have been that far away from everyone so I don't know exactly what to tell you but at least we have facebook and phones to keep us in touch! Hang in there only about a month and a half until Vegas! As for the candy... candy never hurt anyone right? Tell Kevin we said Thank you for taking care of you! Love you, Karen