Friday, November 14, 2008

3 years ago...

I started trading emails with the man who would become my husband. We met on eHarmony and chatted on there for awhile before I eventually gave him my email and then my phone number. Here is the first email he wrote me
Thank you for your email. It was awesome weekend for me. I am not trying to brag just it was fun. My brother, a friend, and I just watched the bronco game today. We were suppose to go over to my parents house but did not make it.
I am a laborer at Denver Water full time. I work Mon. thru Fri. from 8 to 4:30. I just have class on Monday and Wednesday nights at Auraria. I usually spend Mon. thru Thurs. at school after I get out of work.
How are your friends? Do you have many friends at work? Do you hang out with many people from work? Do you spend much time on the internet? Are you a fan of John Cusack? Where are you going for Thanksgiving?
I hope this week is better than last week,

To which I responded
Hey Kevin
I am glad you had a good weekend. I did too. I shopped, met with
friends,watched The OC and othe chick flicks, watched the Broncos
beat the Raiders.Denver Water huh? Interesting do you do that
yearround? My friends are all good --just a little middle school drama but less
than usual. Yeah most of my friends are from work because where else
do you spend your time as an adult? I have some friends from my
masters program but they are just as busy as I am so I don't see them
much anymore. So mostly its my work buddies. I am not on the
internet much but more than most people I would say. I have my own
webssite and am constantly building stuff for my students and most of
my work stuff is now online. John Cusack yes I would say I am a
fan--mostly of movies like Say Anything and Gross Pointe Blank--you?
Thanksgiving I am going to a friends house here and debating running
the Turkey Trot with her she is such a fast runner I would end up
running by myself so we'll see. Is it a big day for your family?
Talk to you soon

Terribly exciting huh? It is so us. We talk about our days all the time, he knows the names of the students and teachers I talk about. He is a great friend to me above all--I could not ask for more in a husband. I never guessed that 3 years ago when I signed up for eHarmony for the third or fourth time that I would meet the love of my life but I did and now I wake up everyday thankful!! Love you Kevin!!


Cara said...

That is a really sweet story:)How great is it that we get to be married to our best friends?!?

Karen said...

That is so cute that you kept those emails! I cannot even think of what Justin and I emailed to each other the first time!