Thursday, November 6, 2008

Help me pick a dress for my brother's wedding


Chelsey said...

I think I like A the best, followed closely by D and B. I don't think C is very flattering on you. All very cute dresses though! D would be cute with a sash or pashmina or something.

Cara said...

A!! Then D is my second choice. I love A! It's also more fall-ish than D.

Karen said...

I like A the best! Where did you get all these from?

amybyrd said...

A--is a Maggie Sweet Bridesmaid dress I bought off a girl on the knot
B--is from New York and Company--gift from the hubby!
C--Ann Taylor on clearance and with a coupon for 25 bucks
D--Ann Taylor Celebrations also on clearance and a coupon for 20 bucks!!

Ashley said...

def. A or D!
I like the shape of D better but the color of A, ha

jennrs said...

D! D! D! It looks great with your figure.
And, good deals on all them-wow!