Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Surviving Turning 35

Remember when birthdays were all about blowing out the candles on your cake and diving into a pile of presents?

This weekend I turned 35. It was an important birthday to me, I feel like this is a turning point age. The age at which we must decide if we are going to have another baby since I will be labeled with the scary "Advanced Maternal Age" and be tested numerous times since its more dangerous to be pregnant at this age. I think it should be relabeled Mature Mom or something. I didn't meet the man of my dreams since I was 30 and we married when we were 32 and had our first when we were 34. I think that is a Mature choice not an Advanced one. Although in high stakes testing land, Advanced is good. Most days I would be happy to get a Partially Proficient score as a Mom.

I expected fireworks and balloons, and cake and candles and singing.

I got a low key celebration at home and a bigger one at school the next day.

I was feeling pretty disappointed and brought it up to my husband about how I had wanted him to make it a bigger deal and put some more thought into it--a very mature thing to do! And then I thought about the non material gifts I got. I mean how can you not be happy with this face!

i have a wonderful husband, a beautiful and happy baby, a supportive family, a job and collegues I love. life is good--even at 35!

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