Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleep like a baby

who made up this saying, really? Because they are not the deep quiet sleepers that this phrase calls to mind.

First, let me say I know many moms who have it much worse than me and will roll their eyes with this woe is me post. Elle is normally a good through the night sleeper.

But that being said, every once in awhile...

She wakes up at 2 or 3(which is really the worst time for mama--I think that is my deepest sleep time). SO I drag myself out of bed, feed her 2 ounces(I know THEY say don't feed them in the middle of the night, but THEY don't worry about every ounce my baby has to gain). And put her back down, I don't play with her, I don't turn on lights, I try to make it as business like as possible. I turn on her light and sound machine that is supposed to lull her back to sleep, and the crying begins.

I let it go 15 minutes and I know I am not going back to sleep and neither is she. I know THEY say let them cry, she is fed, warm, safe, etc. But I can't. SO I drag in m big pillow and a blanket and put her on the floor of her room with me. As I watch my baby fight sleep, I fight the clock in my brain that is calculating that if I fall asleep now I can get X minutes of sleep before getting up for the day. Finally with her face smashed against mine we both fall asleep. On the floor, on the giant pillow, with loose blankets(report me now). And then I awake with a start(after what only seems like 10 minutes of glorious sleep which was hopefully 40-60 minutes) realizing I don't have my phone/alarm and I need to wash my hair today. Luckily it is only 10 minutes past my alarm which my husband has graciously turned off and rolled back to sleep.

I rush through my morning routine--making our lunches, breakfasts, sterilizing the bottles, getting ready for the day--while my baby blissfully sleeps on the big pillow in her room. And so does my husband. Now tonight is his night, but she will probably sleep through, saving these early morning floor campouts for mommy!


Morrigan said...

I don't get that saying either...

I have yet to do a campout, but I do fall asleep rocking her in the rocking chair. So happy we got a comfy one.
Good Luck. Hopefully she will save a campout for your husband!

DerMom said...

Oh, how I know the campout. And the joy of it only being on Mommy's night. I hope she gets back to being your good sleeper soon.

Karen said...

He he! My little Elle Belle..she just doesn't want to miss a minute of snuggle time with you! Hope you get some good sleep.