Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book Worm Date

Inspired by The Dating Diva's date. My sister is in town so we had free babysitting service!! I whipped up an invite, attached it to some sour gummy worms and off we went.

I made up 6 tasks and had Kevin pick a number and off we went! We hunted down crazy book and magazine titles, dream vacation spots, children's books we loved, recipes to try, and future birthday gifts(although my husband picked JWoww's book for me--saying I needed an easy read).

We had so much fun and thanks to a Groupon had 20 bucks to spend. We bought some books for Elle and some of my guilty pleasures(magazines!!)


seeker said...
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seeker said...

Oh, I am so borrowing this idea! Thank you! My husband has dyslexia so growing up, reading much was a struggle. He does fine now, but never came to love bookstores. This sounds like such a fun activity, though --- I know we will both enjoy it ! :-)

(PS deleted the first version of this comment, as it had a typo in it!)

piperaragon said...

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Cindy Dy said...

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