Sunday, April 26, 2009

things I am loving right now...

...personalized gifts! I love giving presents and have been on a mission to give really personal presents when I can.

This necklace from MamaBethBling, become a fan on facebook and you get deals!--I gave my sister for her anniversary. It has their names and birthstones!

Mom, if by chance you are reading this--stop now!

For Mother's Day, I got my mom a necklace like this from The Pretty Peacock! Ours has all the kids and spouses names on the bottom tier, my parents names on the middle tier, and the word love on the top with my mom's birthstone. She is wonderful to work with and her packaging is beautiful too! She has a great blog as well--and has deals of the week!

For my mother-in-law I sent my blogging friend Ashley Brooke this picture of her dogs
and she turned that into this...

Seriously, if you haven't bought anything from Ashley yet you are missing out, her work is beautiful and she is so gosh darn nice!! She just started making sticky notes...

Two of my teammates at school are getting married this summer, so one got a beautiful frame like this from Onkie Bazoobie

Another, whose shower I am co-hosting this weekend, is getting a sign like this

(This is mine from our wedding cake table--I get compliments all the time on it and I love giving these at showers, as does my sister, we are arguing over who gets to give one like it at my sister-in-law's baby shower!)
from my favorite seller OffWoodlandLane who has some amazing new shadow box frames in her store!
and some cute luggage tags from A Touch of Whimsy!

So as you can see there is no recession in my household!! Don't tell that to my credit card company or my husband! I love etsy and finding people who make great stuff by hand themselves--I feel a little better spending money that way.

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Heather said...

This stuff is adorable. I love the necklaces from Pretty Peacock, I'd like to order one for my bro's girlfriend (due with their baby on May 19) for her first Mother's Day. But I e-mailed her at lunchtime for custom pricing (only need one pendant, and all of the already priced ones have at least two), and haven't heard from her. I'm hoping she gets back to me soon, I want to order in time for Mother's Day (deadline is tomorrow!).