Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maturity... harder than it is cracked up to be. I am constantly telling my students about their maturity levels or lack thereof, and yet last night I realized its hard to be mature. Last night I had to admit to my hubby that I know he is not a mind reader and that I (gasp) don't expect him to be. A family situation sent me diving straight into 2 pounds of chocolate over the past few days, and I was waiting for him to realize that something was wrong with me. I mean hello, your normally health conscious wife skipped classes at the gym and is sitting with candy wrappers strewn around her. Instead of doing the mature thing and talking about it, I just waited. Well luckily I had an amazing conversation with my lil' sis that allowed me to express my feelings so I could then say the mature thing to my husband! But with sisters--immaturity rules!! Love ya KK!!

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Karen said...

Love you too! Any time you need to talk, I am only a phone call away!