Friday, April 10, 2009

MHRF--Dating Life

Our second date has gone down in history as one of our best dates ever, see the last post for the details. We always seem to have fun together, we go on picnics, take other people's dogs to the dog park, go out to dinner, and just hang out. We go out every Friday for dinner and always toast to date night. one of the best things about my hubby is that he is in awe of my teaching. He will tell me how amazing it is that I teach 8th graders all day and seem to enjoy it. Just this week he came to our school's track meet and quickly got to work with no complaints helping us measure the triple jump. He came and cheered on my team when I coached basketball and has come to middle school dances with me! That is true love!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Amy! He does ROCK! I think you need to keep him!