Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things I love about spring break

One of the benefits of being a middle school teacher--spring break!
And while I am not whisking of to some fabulous beach location, I am enjoying my time off..

--getting to go out to lunch like an adult! Seriously I have a 30 minute lunch which is more like 20 minutes by the time you take your students to lunch and use your only chance to go to the bathroom before the end of the day! The hubby and I went out to lunch today it was so nice!

--watching daytime TV, love getting a little escapism from soaps and watching food shows to get more recipes!

--going to the gym in the morning--loving hitting these 9 am classes its perfect!

--midday naps

--reading(I read a lot but its nice to have time to just read)

--working on my scrapbook(still have to get to this)

--sleeping in until 7:30(it is a glorious 2 hours extra)


Karen said...

Sounds like me life! (well I guess everyday) Shorty and I went out to the base today and visited Justin for lunch on the beach!
P.S. Midday afternoon naps are the best!

Cara said...

Totally agreed! Love spring break!

Megan said...

sounds like heaven - very jealous.