Sunday, March 15, 2009

Attempting to channel Bakerella

Have you ever seen Bakerella's blog? She is fabulously creative and inspiring. I made these cupcake pops, cupcake bites, and cupcake balls today, following the tutorials from Pioneer Woman and Bakerella. I think I need to run the cake through the food processor to get finer crumbs but I am impressed for my first time out! And so was Kevin who I put in charge of the sprinkles and kept sneaking into the kitchen to see if they were "ready" yet!


Karen said...

How many did Kevin eat? And are you bringing the leftovers to your students?

Mickey said...

i am still waiting for my cookies in the mail for when i mailed you a coke in the glass bottle. huh???? cup cakes like these would work for me

newlyweds said...

Great job, they look so cute!