Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog Love!

Dana, over at Once A Bride, my dream neighbor! awarded me this Kreativ Blogger award. So in the spirit of the award--7 things I love and 7 Blogs I award for their creativeness
1. My husband and being married in general!
2. My family who makes me laugh and keeps me sane--my brother suggested I have 7 kids so I can have a TV show called Amy and Kevin plus 7(This way I wouldn't have to work and I could go fabulous places all based on my show's revenues)!
3. My job--I really do love being a middle school teacher(most days)
4. A really great workout(once its done--I may hate spin class about 30 minutes into the ride but I love the way I feel when I am done).
5. Really good chocolate(once Lent is over I am eating a ton!)
6. A great shopping deal(I was bummed I had a great coupon at Ann Taylor Loft this weekend and was able to score a great dress, a cute skirt, and 2 cardigans for 130 bucks!!)
7. crying at a good book. TV show, or movie(Grey's anyone?)

7 Kreativ Bloggers:
nani--Chocolate and Wine
Melissa--Hot Stuff in the Kitchen
Lindsey--Learning to be a Wife
Elizabeth--Love and Marriage
Amy--My Adventures as a Newlywed
Mrs. RealLife--Reality of Happily Ever After She has a great giveway going on now!

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The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

Thanks so much for this TAG!

I'll be posting about it tomorrow :)