Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Challenge: Day 5

My siblings:
My sister Karen and her husband Justin.
We are 2 years apart, fought as only sisters can when we were younger but have grown inseparable. She gave a beautiful toast at our wedding and planned an amazing baby shower long distance. They are Elle's godparents and that was an easy choice. They spoil her so much already and I know they will be more important as she grows up. besides who else has my childhood memories that involve the songs of Chicago, The Carpenters, Harry Chapin, and the Moody Blues. Who else played hours of Skating Rink and Press Your Luck?

photo by Katie Moos

My brother Keith, his wife Lorena, and my adorable nephew Noah. Keith has been my go to for all things baby when Elle was first born(and before). They let us try all their baby stuff, gave us the book that saved us the first weeks(Happiest Baby on the Block), told us what to register for etc. Plus they bought Noah a shirt that says My Auntie Amy Rocks(of course I do!!). And anytime I needed something for my car--even here in Colorado Keith did it.

My brother Mickey(OPIE) and his fiance Rachael. Can't wait til they get married in July! I am close to the baby of my family--I still try to take care of him. I cheered him on in countless hockey games and it seems like I drove him everywhere when he was younger. Who else would have let us send him down the stairs in a laundry basket and convince him that playing dolls was the best way to spend an afternoon!

Love you all! See you in December!


Amanda said...

Must be great coming from a bigger family. Looks like you appreciate them very much. :)

Karen said...

Awww... what a great post! Love you too... December cannot come soon enough!!!