Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Challenge: Day 1

Hi I'm Amy. I am wife to a wonderful man and a mom to a beautiful little baby girl.
15 Facts:
1. I am a middle school teacher, I know its crazy but most days I love my 8th graders and my job.
2. I love school and if I lived in a town with a university I would be considering pursuing my PhD or law degree.
3. I love to read, I have read almost 150 books since the beginning of this year.
4. I just started learning to digital scrapbook and want to learn how to take better pictures.
5. I have weird food issues--the foods I don't like it's all a texture thing.
6. I enjoy being a working mom.
7. I wore my wedding dress to a farm for our Trash The Dress Pictures.
8. I would bake every day if I could.
9. My husband doesn't ever want me to buy him presents--only cards--so I am trying to find a creative way around this for Christmas.
10. I sing the songs from The Sound of Music to my baby almost every night.
11. I play fantasy football(last year I picked based on looks and uniform colors, needless to say I didn't win, but I am doing slightly better this year).
12. My high school goal was to run for President.
13. I still have math anxiety.
14. I couldn't wait to move away from my family when I graduated from college but now wish that I could be closer.
15. I can repeat almost every line of Steel Magnolias..


Megan said...

My colors are blush and bashful. Her colors are pink and pink...the sanctuary looks like it was hosed down in pepto bismol LOVE me some Steel Magnolias <3

amybyrd said...

Everyone wants to take a whack at Weezer! Hit Her