Friday, July 10, 2009

Easy Roast Meals

With only 2 of us, we almost always have a ton of leftovers. I don't mind leftovers, I could eat the same thing almost every day(since I know the points and can plan around it and I am just that way), the husband notsomuch he will take the leftovers to work of course for lunch but then of course wants something different for dinner, so I have to make another meal. By chance I saw this show(Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller) on Food Network, which I had never seen before, and it is geared towards families and saving money, this episode called Beef It Up was great, since the husband doesn't think its eating unless there is red meat. Recipes and Shopping List

The first day we had roast with vegetables and a salad made with this amazing Raspberry Vinagrette Dressing and Walnuts.

The next day we had Empanadas with the roast and some green chilies.

The third day we had this Asian Beef Salad and Chai Tea Smoothies.

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