Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah Palin Rally

So Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin visited our little town last night. I went to the rally with a friend of mine from school. We stood in line with thousands of other Mesa County residents eager for the chance to see her in person. The crowd was excited and enthusiastic. People waved signs and pom poms, wore buttons and t-shirts showing their support for McCain-Palin. I have to say I am glad I went.

Her speech targeted the economy and the difference between McCain and Obama. She talked about how they would give tax cuts while Obama would raise taxes to give checks to other people, a policy she likened to socialism. She also promised that McCain would balance the budget by the end of the first term. While I would love a tax cut, I am not sure if in the current situation they are feasible or even possible. She also talked about energy and how we need to responsibly and safely drill for oil domestically and develop clean coal and nuclear technologies. She also highlighted the experience she and John McCain have and their support for the military.

The part of the speech that got me was when she spoke about special needs children and the need to protect all children. She spoke about how all life is precious and special. She really seemed to be speaking from her heart and it was really touching. I prefer those moments to the attacks on "our opponent."

Walking out people were in high spirits and really energized. There were protestors dressed up in skull masks jumping out at families with their signs--really. This is America, you have the right to protest, I won't stop you--but do you really have to try to scare people to make your voice heard? A young man shouted out to my friend and I, "If you vote McCain you are all going to die!" The news reported that the protestors tried to stop the motorcade and threatened the police. Really--say your piece, wave your signs, get into discussions with others about your position--thats effective protesting.

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Karen said...

That is interesting.. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures.. who knew that lots of people would come out to Grand Junction huh?!