Sunday, August 12, 2012

What are we eating this week?

So summer is over :( I am heading back to school tomorrow.  School year means serious meal planning: time is a premium since it is tiring to start the year for me and I want to be able to workout and still have time for my family, so that means Sunday cook fests when possible to set up for the week.  I planned around my WW points and the fact that I had 4 pounds of chicken breasts in the freezer.  So I popped them in the slow cooker covered by chicken broth(you could use water) for 4 hours on high, then threw them in my kitchen aid mixer for a quick shred(thanks to Heather for that tip).  Then after lunch, I assembled these Chicken Enchilada Zucchini Boats(3 points a piece) 

and then  Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas(5 points a piece) for 2 of our dinners this week(plus leftovers). 

I also bagged 8 ounces of chicken and some BBQ sauce for BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad (8 points) for another dinner this week.  
 BBQ chicken salad

I also prepped all my fruits and veggies for this Inner Goddess Detox Salad( 8 points--I add some blue cheese to this for a little more flavor) for lunches this week. 

And for some sweets I will make these Chocolate-Coconut Bars! These are a hefty 12 points a piece so they leftovers will be heading to school or Kevin's work.

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