Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stone Throwing Thursdays

My friend Shelley of SingleStoneStudios--whose lovely products decorate my house wrote a beautiful post about faith and stretching yourself. I encouraged her to make it a McLinky so others could post their stories in longer versions than comments so here is mine.

9 years ago I picked up and moved from CA to Denver, CO. I didn't know a soul. I was starting a new career. I had never driven in snow. But I just packed up and did it. Practically it was because I was offered a job in CO and couldn't even get a teaching interview in CA. But deeper than that I wanted to try something new, something different. Moving helped me really discover who I was and what strengths I had. It helped me make good friends who taught me to accept help when it was offered. It gave me the strength to lose the 60 extra pounds I was carrying around. It gave me the time and space to forge new and stronger relationships with my family. And it gave me the opportunity to open myself up and meet the man who would eventually become my husband. Major stone thrown.

These days its smaller ones. Learning to be a mom(OK that might be a big one). And on a smaller scale trying digital scrapbooking and stretching my creativity almost daily.

What stones have you thrown recently? Write yours and post back to Shelley's blog here

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Single Stone Studios said...

Being a momma is probably the biggest stone we'll EVER throw! :) And worth the weight of it when we carry it in our hands.

Look forward to seeing some of your digital creations. I've thought about digi scrapping too but believe it or not I am Photoshop impared. LOL Geesh! What a learning curve that is!