Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What $100+ buys you

after your health insurance premium takes a chunk of your paycheck. I am really not complaining because I know I am lucky to be working and have insurance but still. I miss Kaiser a lot(where this price would have gotten me a 3 month supply) and wondering how we'll ever afford to have a baby.
$60+ for one month of an Advair inhaler (my asthma is out of control now so I had to move from my generic to this)

$30+ for more nebulizer treatments(my rx got me a lot of these but I am supposed to do a treatment every 4-6 hours for the next 5 days so it won't last long)

$10 for a rescue inhaler--should last 2 months--I went through a whole one in the past 5 days prompting my visit to the doctor NOT NORMAL

$3 for a 5 day supply of oral steriods. I hate taking them; luckily I am hoping to get by on a 5 day course I usually do a 10 day tapering course. But if I don't improve that is what is in store for me. They make me shaky and moody and a little puffy--but able to breathe.

edited to add It also buys you an almost full night of sleep with the ability to breathe!


Karen said...

As long as you are breathing, that is great! It could be worse, as you mentioned, and you could have no insurance!

catherine said...

I agree with the school district health care options. I had Kaiser in California and loved it. Good Luck!!