Thursday, June 25, 2009

Learning in the 21st Century

Just heard this fabulous presentation called Shifting Literacies: The case for the 21st Century Classroom--AMAZING!!
Here are some of the things I wrote down
"Kids have more power in their pockets(with cell phones) than the Apollo 11 astronaunts in their capsule yet in schools we block them from using them--why would they want to be part of our school"

"An effective citizen in the 21st century needs different kinds of literacy"

The amount of original programming in the over the 3 major networks in 21 years is equal to the amount of original programming on youTube in 2 months.

"Literacy means being able to consume and produce the media forms of the day"--Jason Ohler

"No generation has ever been more prepared for the industrial age"--David Warlick

Shift Happens has a lot of this info and the Did You Know Presentation about what 21st century needs and learning are.

Wiki of the session
Speaker Karl Fisch's Blog

I left with my head spinning about what I have not done for my students and how I plan to fix it! Thanks Karl!

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