Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jamaica Pictures--Adventures we had

Did the dolphin touch at Dolphin Cove Kevin also snorkeled with sting rays. It was so worth the 3 hour drive to Ocho Rios to be able to have this experience.

We parasailed through the resort--our camera only had 1 picture left. After being picked up on our dock we floated in the boat for about 30 minutes as they ran out of gas and we had to wait for more. It was so awesome to be up in the air as the boat sped along the coast of the beaches of Negril.

We went snorkeling through our resort, very cool--we ended up being the only 2 going out that morning. They gave us bread and the fish would eat right out of your hand. The guide also took us over to a sunken cannon and anchor.

We also climbed Dunn's River Falls so amazing. You start at the ebach and with a guide climb to the top. Our guide Tami was amazing she took everyone's camera and paused at several times along the route to pose us for pictures. Definitely a unique thing to do if you go to Jamaica.

We also went horseback riding at Rhode Hall Plantation. We went up a mountain and then along the beach, they then resaddled our horses and we swam with them in the ocean--it was pretty amazing.

We also went to the world famous Rick's Cafe and watched the cliff divers and beautiful sunset.

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Dana said...

We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon--I love it!