Friday, May 1, 2009

MHRF--Our Engagement

We had been dating about 2 years when we went Christmas shopping one December day when we were both playing hooky from work. Our final stop was a jewelry store, Kevin started looking at rings and they had me try some on. I was a little freaked out but excited at the same time. Then Christmas rolled around, after being socked in in an enormous snowstorm that closed down most of Denver, I wasn't sure I would even be getting home to California,I thought well at least I will be here with Kevin and we can celebrate our engagement which I was sure was going to happen. I opened my presents from Kevin with a little bit of a racing heart. But there was no ring. I finally was able to get a flight to CA and spend some time with my family, and I thought OK maybe when he picks me up from the airport. Nope. My birthday in March. Nope. Friends kept asking both of us when we were going to get engaged, but still nothing. The end of the school year is always stressful, so I just got busy doing school and put it in the back of my mind.

We were sent to go to a relatives wedding in South Dakota. We headed up to Custer State Park for a night of camping and a day of sightseeing before diving into the wedding craziness. I slept almost the whole way(as I often do on the week after school gets out). We set up our campsite and get our fire going, it was starting to drizzle and it was cool. Kevin says, "I have a surprise for you," And hands me a box. I think my words were, "Are you serious?" And started crying. He was looking at me, and I said, "well are you going to ask me." And he did, and we kissed, and I kept crying, and immediately got on the phone to everyone I knew. My parents were the first call. My dad answered and his response, "What about the cruise?"(We had planned this big family cruise for the next summer.) I said, "oh Dad we will still go!" I then called my mom, she cried, my sister, she cheered, my best friend Tracy, who left me a long rambling, slightly druken message a couple hours later. And anyone else whose number was saved in my phone. Kevin just watched me amused. We made s'mores to celebrate and had one of our best vacations ever!


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Once A Bride said...

Engaged over a campfire? Your hubby is a man after my hubby's heart!!